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  1. en.minsk-region.gov.by - Minsk Oblast Executive Committee - JSC «Molodechnomebel», branch of Vileyka Furniture Factory 222410, Minsk Oblast, Vilejka, Volynets STR., 7 Phone: +375177133384 Fax: +375177133751 http://www.vileika.mebel.by Director: Nikolay Piskunov Type of activity: Production of furniture. Export: Furniture from the array for hallways, kitchens...
  2. www.beppegrillo.it - Beppe Grillo's Blog: Wailing Wall Archives - Maria had threatened suicide, but Bielorussia was waiting for her. She will be housed in her old welcoming orphanage in Vilejka where...
  3. www.comp.leeds.ac.uk - comp.leeds.ac.uk/eric/db32/c/it - She will be housed in her old welcoming orphanage in Vilejka where <g/> , according to the couple from Genoa that want to adopt her <g/> , she has been...
  4. www.atlantic-community.org - Internet in the Post-Soviet space - The first of such independent news websites to be targeted by the regime was vilejka.org, a local news website from Vileika in Belarus.
  5. www.project-bridge.eu - Analyses of eu – partner countries' relations: reflections from belarus, moldova, russia and ukraine - They were trained by international experts from the Dutch Royal Marechaussee and the Ministry of Interior of Slovakia. Newsletter EU-Mld MP nr.4...
  6. wn.com - Madedumi - This was followed by the similarly-styled "The Door is Still Open to My Heart", which reached number six later that year.

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