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  1. www.youtube.com - Board Over Plaster Lath Ceiling - YouTube -
  2. polishingpeanuts.com - Step by Step How to Remove / Repair Lath and Plaster Ceiling - Hopefully that gives you a good understanding of what’s involved in taking down a lath and plaster ceiling or even how to repair your plaster and lath ceiling.
  3. www.ehow.com - How to Repair Sagging Plaster & Lath Ceiling | eHow.com - How to Repair a Lath & Plaster Ceiling.
  4. www.alibaba.com - Lath Ceiling-Lath Ceiling Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on Alibaba.com - Lath Ceiling Manufacturers & Lath Ceiling Suppliers Directory - Find a Lath Ceiling Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose Quality Lath Ceiling Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at Alibaba.com.
  5. www.tlpca.org - South central wall, ceiling & plaster association - Drywall, Plaster, Stucco, E.I.F.S., Acoustical , Veneer Stone and Fireproofing are all a part of the walls & ceilings industry. The South Central Wall, Ceiling & Plaster Association (formerly, the Texas Lathing...
  6. www.nps.gov - Preservation Brief 21: Repairing Historic Flat Plaster--Walls and Ceilings - They can be installed over furring channels to masonry walls or over old wood lath walls and ceilings.
  7. www.urbanclotheslines.com - Kitchen Maid Supreme Six Lath Ceiling Clothes Airer - Height From Ceiling When Fully Hoisted. 12". Number Of Laths. 6. Comes Complete With Everything You Need: 2 Six Lath Supreme Cast Iron Shaped Airer Ends.
  8. hvac-talk.com - Working with plaster/wood lath ceiling - I did a house long ago with plaster walls and ceilings. hole saw corners worked well. sawsall was OK but bulky and if, like in my case, it caught a lath not nailed and jerked. it pulled a good size piece out and formed a crack.
  9. www.practicaldiy.com - Plaster ceilings - lath and plaster - plasterboard. - A cross section of a lath and plaster ceiling is shown to the right.
  10. www.diydata.com - Plaster ceilings - the different types of construction methods - lath and plaster - plasterboard. - Lath & plaster and Plasterboard ceilings. There are two basic forms for basic ceiling plaster surfaces
  11. remodelista.com - Supreme Six Lath Ceiling Airer : Remodelista - The new Kitchen Maid Supreme Six Lath Ceiling Clothes Airer is your answer to those big drying problems as it easily attaches to your ceiling and dry's clothes in all weather conditions by utilizing your...
  12. www.lifestyleclotheslines.com.au - Six Lath Supreme Kitchen Maid Ceiling Clothes Airer - Drying Your Clothes At Ceiling Height Works Beautifully! If you have large drying needs and are looking for an eco friendly & free way to dry your washing indoors, the 6 lath airer is the model you need.
  13. en.wikipedia.org - Ceiling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Diydata.com treatise on lath & plasterboard ceilings. Virtualmuseum.ca treatise on ceiling construction.
  14. www.inspectapedia.com - Sawn-Wood Lath Based Plaster Ceilings & Walls - Plaster & plaster lath ceiling types, history, age determination. Plaster System identification and history of use. Photo guide to split wood lath, pit-sawn lath, circular blade sawn wood lath...
  15. www.nachi.org - Long Hairline cracks in a gypsum lath ceiling - InterNACHI Inspection Forum - A long crack (sometimes two parallel ones) lengthwise in the ceiling of the living or dining room of a rock lath house is almost universal.
  16. www.plaster-wall-ceiling-solutions.com - Need Plaster Ceiling Repair? - The nails over time may work their way out some as the wood framing dries out and shrinks. The lath pulled by the weight of the ceiling plaster follows gravity and you see a droop or bulge.
  17. www.oldhouseonline.com - How to Fix Plaster Ceilings - Old-House Online - What old-house owner doesn’t have a cracking or sagging plaster ceiling in need of repair somewhere? Besides the normal wear and tear of living, plaster-and-lath ceilings are at the mercy of gravity...
  18. sentence.yourdictionary.com - Lath ceiling above the ' space by the hall ' will be plastered over. - The next method is to use a modern expanded metal lath with a wet plaster system applied. Lath ceiling above the ' space by the hall ' will be plastered over.
  19. www.lathpro.com - LathPro Sciences, Inc. - Home of Split Line Pro Ceiling Tools - Laser Indexed for 1” & 1.5” Finish Systems * Complete “Grid” Ceiling Tool. Click Here to See the Grid Iron Ceiling Tool.
  20. www.woodworkforums.com - Repairing lath and plaster ceiling - I've been putting in new insulation in the roof and yesterday at the end of the day when I was somewhat tired, my foot slipped off a joist and hit the old lath and plaster ceiling.

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