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  1. blogs.msdn.com - Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta… Ohh and Windows 7 too… - Taylor Brown's Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs - For now I am just happy that you all get to play with Windows 7 (which btw ROCKs – I love it) and Server 2008 R2 w/Hyper-V…
  2. www.zdnet.com - Discussion on How would you fix the browser ballot for European Windows users? | TechRepublic - Ohh wait, that's what Microsoft do now, and apparently that's not fair.
  3. www.vistax64.com - ah-ohh... windows update automatically reboots some vista machines!!! - Vista Forums - The new report comes on the heels of recent complaints regarding Windows Update performing stealth updates on users' machines who had turned off Automatic Updates.
  4. itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com - Ohh Ohh – Power 550 i Edition Versus Windows: Get Big Discounts on i Software - System i Blogger - Ohh Ohh – Power 550 i Edition Versus Windows: Get Big Discounts on i Software.
  5. forums.macrumors.com - WARNING: New internet security theat. ohh yeah its for windows - Now there is rumors that about 30% of Windows 2K source code may have been leaked on the net. MS is screaming that it isn't the case and its fake but if it is true.
  6. www.dailytech.com - DailyTech - Microsoft and Europe Finally Work Out Windows 7 Browser Differences - Ohh damn, then the makers of twinkies should be sued.
  7. www.islandmix.com - I bust the windows out your car!!! Ohh yeahh - Bust the windows out 'cha car.... But it don't comfort to my broken heart You could never feel how I felt that day Until it happens baby you don't know pain.
  8. www.youtube.com - Verizon Commercial - The New Windows Phone "Ummm/Ohh" - YouTube -
  9. www.wpcentral.com - 8 Must-have tools for Windows Phone developers | Windows Phone Central - You can find ample resources on Microsoft's windows phone development site about these stuff.
  10. forum.xda-developers.com - Ohh!!I cannot run windows live went I upgrade to WM6 - xda-developers - I updated my X51V to WM6 (football) But I cannot use the windows live. what should i do now?
  11. www.windowsphonedaily.com - Verizon releases second commercial "Ummm/Ohh", starring the Windows Phone 8X (Video) | Windows Phone Daily - Today the operator began airing a second commercial during college football games, titled "Ummm/Ohh". This time around the Windows Phone 8X by HTC gets into the spotlight...
  12. gematsu.com - Tales of Graces F box art, Euro release window - Gematsu - @Sal Romano: Ohh, then my previous comment makes no sense now. Well, I’m happy they announced a release window for Europe but y so late NB?
  13. www.urbandictionary.com - Urban Dictionary: European Tour - I hooked up with a white boy! Another Black Girl - Ohh bitch, you went on a European Tour?!
  14. www.sinfuliphone.com - Ohh yeah! 1st Mac. BrokenStones and windows for Mac, Help needed - This is my first mac ever, since I have always had Windows to take care of me but I wanted a change for once in my life..lol and I am not regretting it after using it continually for 4...
  15. forums.techguy.org - Solved: Windows IE, Windows Messenger, Video playback issues... - Tech Support Guy Forums - Ok Great! Finally feel like I'm on a path that might work, I'll do this when I get home...Ohh, and I...
  16. www.europeword.com - European Facts | Europe Blog - Ohh these European facts are very nice. I hadn’t known some of them… Funny European facts were said by commentators like Lisa above.
  17. www.paramore.net - EUROPEAN TOUR PHOTOS & VIDEOS! - Paramore Official Blog - I wish that the huge suprise is an European tour DVD. ?
  18. ohh-stylo.tumblr.com - Coming up to the overload. - The Dark Shadows cast at the European premiere in London. (Source: lookoutforyou, via accio-hbc).
  19. www.gamespot.com - hd 6870 prices cuts inbound for europe under 175 euro's ohh mmmhmm bust a move! - GameSpot.com - they claim as much as 30 euro's or more! thas some pretty decent savings. a refrence 6870 would fall to under 170 euro's generally speaking.
  20. www.arjanwrites.com - Stream Shakira's New European Single - Ohh Crap! MTV Buzzworthy Blog.

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