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  1. en.wikipedia.org - Grand Staircase (White House) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - The Grand Staircase is the chief stairway connecting the State Floor and the Second Floor of the White House, the official home of the President of the United States. The stairway is primarily used for a ceremony called the Presidential Entrance March.
  2. www.city-data.com - Staircase and second floor landing-bridge safety ideas?? (fireplace, railing, ceiling) - remodeling, decorating, construction, energy use, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, building, rooms - City-Data Forum - We just bought a 2-story house with an open staircase and open second floor landing (like a second story bridge), and need ideas on how to make it safe for our 19-year old severely mentally-disabled son. The house works in all other ways, enabling us to sleep on the lower level with our son (two bedrooms...
  3. www.uvm.edu - Interior house description - The hallway flows into a large, wide staircase that provides the main means of egress from the entertainment area of the house to the private rooms on the second floor.
  4. www.chabad.info - Chabad.Info - News | Rebbe with Mashke bottle Rare Photo - The Rebbe ascends the staircase to the second floor of his house clutching a bottle of Mashke received earlier at Sunday dollars from the Moscow Jewish community. Photos. 25 Shvat 5771 (30.01.2011).
  5. www.gilchresthouse.com - Stairs - Gilchrest House - The upper level of the original house was just "an open chamber", reached by a ladder as needed. Thus, with limited foyer space for stairs, the stairwell to the second floor has a spiral stairway feel, with narrow, wedge-shaped treads and helpful handrails.
  6. www.360cities.net - Staircase to the third floor. Big House. - The house was designed by Polenov and built in 1892. As early as in 1887 Polenov wrote: "I am dreaming of house on the bank of the Oka, how we will furnish it, live there, organise a museum, picture gallery and a library.
  7. www.biltmore.co - Biltmore House Floor Plans - While in the House today, notice the gated off staircase at the end of the second floor hallway going down (next to the one that goes up to the Louis XV wing) - this goes to the concealed door behind the library mantle.
  8. bible.cc - 1 Kings 6:8 The entrance to the lowest floor was on the south side of the temple; a stairway led up to the middle level and from there to the third. - The middle and upper floors were reached by a single door in the right or south wall, from which a winding staircase ascended to the second tier...
  9. www.moviemistakes.com - Full House TV mistakes, goofs and bloopers - ⇑ ⇓ Continuity: On the first floor of the house, there are two staircases leading up to the second floor - from the kitchen and the living room. But on the second floor, there is only one staircase leading down.
  10. www.thisoldhouse.com - How to Install Attic Stairs | Video | Stairs | Interior | This Old House - In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva explains how to install attic stairs. Steps: 1. Mark rough opening of new fold-down staircase on the ceiling joists in the attic.
  11. www.rodswoodworking.com - Free Doll House Plan For Girls - How To Build A Wooden Doll House - Select the 2nd-floor board; Using a jig saw, cut a staircase hole @ 2 1/2" x 13 1/2", as shown above. Step Two: Assemble the Dollhouse - Select the cut Boards.
  12. www.lotthouse.org - lotthouse.org - Main Stairs. We are not sure where the original stariway was in the Lott House. This appears to be a replacement as it bisects a window. The window does not open. Click on the stairs to go up to the second floor.
  13. www.wikihow.com - How to Build a House in the Sims 2: 16 steps (with pictures) - To use that, go up a level and place floor squares where you want the staircase to reach on the second floor, and then go to the...
  14. www.apnmag.com - APN-HOME - The staircase to the second floor has marks left behind by British military sabers. A mahogany sideboard that the DeLords locked before they fled from the British rests in the lobby of the house. Read more.
  15. www.whitehousemuseum.org - The Oval Office: Open post: Secret staircase - Apparently the stairs lead down to the staircase behind the hallway (on the north)on the ground floor.
  16. www.hp-lexicon.org - HPL: Inside Hogwarts Castle - Harry tore up the stone steps, through the oak front doors, and off up the marble staircase, toward the second floor.
  17. www.bobvila.com - Bob's Shingle Style Home : Second-Floor Plans, Door Demolition, and Staircase Disassembly - Bob Vila - My pleasure. The staircase in this house is one of its really best features. And over the course of a hundred years, it has gotten a lot of paint, so that all these...
  18. www.carpentry-pro-framer.com - Learn How to Build Stairs - There is always 3/4" sub flooring laying around, so I use it to create a hanger board as well as for stair risers. Cut a piece of sub flooring the same width as the staircase and rip it to 16...
  19. www.doityourself.com - install hardwood floor on stairs - on the risers and will make those out of veneered plywood and paint white to match the rest of the wood trim in the house and staircase saving a little bit of the cost.
  20. www.bathavehouse.com - Bath Avenue House Bed and Breakfast Inn, Ocean Grove, New Jersey - Circa 1880, The Bath Avenue House was built to accommodate visitors to The Grove for vacations and spiritual retreats. It has been in continuous operation since then as The Bath Avenue House. First Floor Stairway. Second Floor Hallway.

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