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  1. floortalk.wfca.org - Linoleum – What's the difference between vinyl and linoleum? | FloorTalk - for all the latest flooring fashions - There are HUGE differences: Vinyl flooring is a synthetic product made of chlorinated petrochemicals and linoleum is made from raw and natural ingredients!
  2. www.findanyfloor.com - The Differences Between Linoleum and Vinyl | Article by FindAnyFloor.com - • Vinyl can be easier to install and maintain – Because vinyl is synthetic, there is less concern about water and moisture seeping through seams and edges than with linoleum.
  3. www.ehow.com - About Linoleum | eHow.com - Synthetic flooring material became popular, and linoleum experienced a drop in usage.
  4. www.ebuilders.com - Linoleum Flooring | Buying and installing linoleum flooring - While it has recently lost some of its market share to more advanced synthetics, linoleum sheet flooring is still a popular and cost-effective way to build a beautiful floor.
  5. www.oldhouseweb.com - Suppliers of Linoleum -- Find Linoleum Manufacturers Suppliers | Old House Web - Durable and eco-friendly, linoleum is a mix of linseed oil, cork dust, wood flour, rosin, ground limestone, and pigments. Often confused with vinyl, a synthetic product, linoleum is natural.
  6. en.wikipedia.org - Talk:Linoleum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - building" syndrome, or other conditions associated with wall and flooring materials of a more synthetic nature.
  7. www.thisoldhouse.com - Working with Linoleum Flooring | All Floors | Flooring | This Old House - 1 - In truth, the two couldn't be more different. Where vinyl flooring is a synthetic product made of chlorinated petrochemicals, linoleum is produced from all-natural ingredients.
  8. aztecflooringservices.co.uk - Vinyl vs. Linoleum - There is the general belief that linoleum is a much more environmentally-friendly choice of flooring as it is made from sustainable natural materials (not synthetic, manufactured ones...
  9. www.scientificamerican.com - Floor Plan: Linoleum May Be Green, but Is There an Ecofriendly Way to Keep It Clean?: Scientific American - Given how green linoleum is, cleaning it with harsh synthetic chemicals and maintaining it with polymer-based waxes just wouldn’t be right.
  10. www.talktalk.co.uk - linoleum - Synthetic floor coverings are now popular and the use of linoleum has declined.
  11. www.archiexpo.com - Acoustic linoleum flooring - MARMOLEUMŽ ACOUSTIC - FORBO Flooring Systems - Commercial roll synthetic carpets.
  12. www.essortment.com - How to Install Click Linoleum - Linoleum is a precursor to vinyl that offers a natural and rich look for flooring. While vinyl is synthetic, linoleum is made of natural materials, primarily linseed oil and pine resins.
  13. www.syntheticsintl.com - Synthetics 10-TR Concrete Moisture Barrier - • Sheet vinyl, linoleum tile and linoleum sheet goods.
  14. www.wisegeek.com - What is the Best Way to Clean Linoleum? - The best way to maintain linoleum is to routinely clean with a synthetic neutral detergent. Neutral meaning a pH of anywhere between the 6pH - 8pH range.
  15. www.moma.org - MoMA | The Collection | Linocut - Battleship linoleum, a variety c. 6 mm thick, is frequently recommended, as is Desk-top, a thinner sheet. With the advent of synthetic floorings, linoleum became less easily available.
  16. www.servicemagic.com - Linoleum Flooring - cost, benefits, & installation - It should be noted, however, that standing water is a problem for many other flooring materials, both natural and synthetic. A big reason why linoleum is not installed in some houses has to do with its cost...
  17. www.waterjetiowa.com - WaterJet Cutting Solutions of Iowa - WATERJET cutting unlocks the hidden potential in architectural materials such as stone, glass, porcelain, ceramic, synthetics, linoleum, vinyl, wood, and rubber.
  18. www.all.biz - Linoleum, Buy, Price, Photo : Building materials : ALL.BIZ - Group: Natural and synthetic linoleum. Miropol, OOO. Contacts.
  19. www.linoleumcitypdx.com - Linoleum City| Floorcovering |Portland Oregon 97214 - Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product, fused together with a lamination process.
  20. www.dobmeierjanitorialsupplies.com - Synthetic Floor Cleaning Supplies - Synthetic Floors can be made from a variety of traditional and modern man-made materials: 4.1. Traditional Synthetic Flooring including Asphalt Tiles & Linoleum Sheets 4.2.

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