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  1. en.wikipedia.org - Calculator (Windows) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
  2. www.ecalc.com - eCalc - Free Windows Calculator Download - Download Free Calculator (Windows Installer). Update: We've compiled eCalc basic calculator into a standalone .exe which allows you to run the calculator from a flash thumb drive...
  3. windows.microsoft.com - Calculator - Microsoft Windows - Calculator can do a lot more than arithmetic.
  4. www.softpedia.com - Download Windows7 Calculator Free - A standalone Windows 7 calculator - Softpedia - As compared to its predecessors, the Windows7 Calculator is a much more powerful application, providing several other tools besides the one for basic math operations.
  5. www.makeuseof.com - 5 Free Calculator Apps If You Aren't Happy With The Windows Calculator - You can use it like a text editor and add comments or any other annotations to your calculations.
  6. www.binarythings.com - Scientific calculator. Windows XP compatible - The other important feature of HiDigit is its high precision - up to 15 decimals for scientific calculations.
  7. lifehacker.com - Get the Windows 7 Calculator in Vista - Windows Vista only: We took a liking last week to the Windows 7 calculator and its many uses for serious mathletes, as well its templates for calculating mortgages, salaries, and other...
  8. www.deskcalc.com - Desktop Calculator with Tape for Windows: Adding Machine Download : Financial Accounting Calculator Program : Business Calculator : Printing Calculator with Tape - sales tax functions; memory function; percentage calculations; currency-conversion
  9. www.moffsoft.com - Free calculator software - Moffsoft FreeCalc is a great replacement for your Windows calculator. - Moffsoft FreeCalc is a great replacement for your existing Windows® calculator. We took the standard Windows calculator functionality and added the following features
  10. www.ehow.com - How to Use the Windows Calculator | eHow.com - Click "View" then "Scientific" to change to the Windows scientific calculator. Use the "Help" menu to understand mathematical calculations.
  11. www.pine-grove.com - Dozens of Windows & Online Calculators by Pine Grove Software - Windows™ & Online Calculator Groupings... Business Calculations. Financial Calculators.
  12. www.windowonlinecalculator.net - Window Online Calculator : Main - Window Online Calculator changes the whole situation in your favour and offers the service on online calculation for windows quotations.
  13. www.calculator.org - Calculator.org -
  14. en.softonic.com - calculator free download for Windows XP - A little help from Microsoft for your math calculations. ... defined as the Windows calculator on steroids This powerful ...
  15. download.cnet.com - Window Gadgets Calculator - CNET Download.com - Window Gadgets Calculator allows users to add an attractive customizable calculator to their desktop. Although the program is, at heart, just a calculator...
  16. www.askvg.com - Microsoft Windows Calculator Bug, Sqrt(4) – 2 != 0 - Tweaking with Vishal - The bug appears when you try to calculate following: sqrt(4)-2. If you can't understand the above mentioned equation, lets describe it in details.
  17. www.calcoolate.com - calcoolate.com: The Coolest Online Calculator - If you run the windows calculator when not connected, the old calculator will open.
  18. mistupid.com - Binary Code with Windows Calculator - Tutorial: Windows Calculator. This tutorial will demonstrate how to use the Windows Calculator to convert between decimal and binary numbers.
  19. www.judysapps.com - Award-Winning Judy's TenKey Calculator for Windows - Award-winning Windows tenkey calculator with nearly every feature imaginable, including an editable tape that automatically recalculates to reflect changes.
  20. www.tomshardware.com - Windows 7 calculator - general-discussion - windows-7 - I cant seem to find the calculator on windows seven, it was there just a day or two ago, now all of the sudden it's gone, can somone help me? i need a quick reply because i need it for homework.

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