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  1. www.doityourself.com - 4 Types of Wooden Stair Stringers | DoItYourself.com - While metal is obviously not a type of wooden stringer, since metal stringers are becoming more common, they are worth mentioning in an article about stringers.
  2. www.ehow.com - How to Buy Wood for Stair Stringers | eHow.com - Before installing a set of wooden stairs on your deck or porch, it is necessary to take some measurements to determine the...
  3. www.archiexpo.com - Circular staircase with central stringers (metal frame and wooden steps) - ATRIUM MINI PLUS - Atrium - Videos - Half-turn staircase with a lateral stringer (metal frame and wooden steps) ATRIUM PROSTO GRAND.
  4. acadiastairs.com - Metal floating stair photo gallery - The level-off at the top and bottom are required in some commercial situations. Open riser double stringer stair with flat-bar line rail.
  5. www.alibaba.com - Metal Stringer Stairs, Buy Quality Metal Stringer Stairs from Manufacturers and Suppliers on Alibaba.com - Real wood stairs Real wood tread and stringer, metal baluster, wooden handrail FOB $5000-8000USD per set Customized...
  6. www.4specs.com - Wood Stairs and Railings - Build deck stairs up to 7’ wide or 9’ interior stairs with only 2 stringers. EZ Stairs makes stair building faster, easier and stronger than traditional methods, with dramatically increased...
  7. www.spiral-staircases.com - Goddard Stairs bell tower staircases handrail wood metal staircase - 68 - Standard Treads. 69 - Redwood, Oak, Particle board. 70 - Expanded Metal. 71 - Tread Plate.
  8. www.spiralstaircase.com - Wooden Straight Staircase Kits - Stairs feature self-supporting wood stringers and landings. Treads are mortised into the stringers. The stairs can be installed in a single straight flight, or in shorter sections to turn at landings.
  9. superstringer.com - Wood | Super Stringer - Stringer staircase. Metal stair tread brackets are used as a substitute of wooden cleats and for plenty of good reasons. These typically turn into a security hazard over time, because the wood begins to deteriorate.
  10. www.decks.com - Stair Stringer Attachment - Decks.com - You may also want to use metal strap ties that can bend along the bottom of the stringer and over the top of the rim joist for added support.
  11. www.wikihow.com - 5 Tips on How to Build Deck Stairs - wikiHow - 2 x 12 (50 x 300 mm) treated wood for stringers. Metal floor joist hangers.
  12. woodgears.ca - Porch stairs - And the pre-cut wooden stringers all were too steep. but the metal ones had the right slope so that the stairs would reach up to the cement walkway like the old ones did.
  13. www.blocklayer.com - Stair Calculator - Layout Stair Stringer, Headroom Rise Run - Metric - For wood stairs, select 'Stringer Width' and enter the width of the stringer.
  14. www.dimes.it - Dimes, staircases, metal stairs, wood stairs, stairs for interiors -
  15. www.houzz.com - Metal Stringer Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - “Metal Stair Stringer #3 + railing”. “the perforated metal guardrails I really like, coupled with steel stringers and wood treads. Beautiful.”
  16. www.bestdecksite.com - How To Build Stairs Stringers - Widening the rim joist on the deck makes it possible to use a metal right angle gusset on the inside of the stringers.
  17. www.goproconstruction.com - Installation Ideas - Universal Stair Bracket from GoPro Construction Solutions - Brackets can be used with metal stringers—with steel treads or wooden treads (or with treads with concrete poured into steel pans, as shown).
  18. stairstringercalculator.com - Building Stairs - I spent several days and put it in a spreadsheet. It made the job much easier. I tried a few staircase designs, picked one, and cut my stringers.
  19. applepie81.hubpages.com - Stair Stringers - The metal frame is quite rigid and has the potential to even sustain during heavy loads. In case of hardwood stringers, the grooves are cut with the help of steel square with C clamps. The procedure is clamping a stair wooden stick to the points on each side of the steel square...
  20. www.marksmetal.com - Marks Metal Technology - CIRCULAR/SPIRAL STAIRS - Marks Metal Technology has the geometrical skills and experience to make your stairs right the first time; every time. Components, or the entire job--we do it all...stringers, handrails, treads, and landings, utilizing tube steel, structural channel, or plate.

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