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  1. en.wikipedia.org - Vologda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Vologda is one of the best preserved big cities of Russia combining traditional wooden architecture and stone monuments.
  2. www.themoscowtimes.com - Vologda: A Brick Changed Vologda’s Destiny | Beyond Moscow | The Moscow Times - Tourists can be seen plowing through Vologda’s train station with souvenir wooden barrels and ceramic jugs of butter that they then have to dangle out of train windows to make sure that the delicacy...
  3. www.vologda.ru - About Association - The соmpany “Wood Industrialists of Vologda Region” is a union of enterprises, created to co-ordinate efforts of its members in cutting and sales of timber and establishment of the more beneficial conditions...
  4. vologda-oblast.ru - Портал правительства Вологодской области :: Database - Modern technologies in wooden house-building". Vologda Joint-stock company "DOZ №7" Joint-stock company "Drevmash".
  5. commons.wikimedia.org - Category:Wooden architecture in Vologda - Wikimedia Commons - Vologda - Soviet avenu... 3.22 MB. Vologda - Wooden house...
  6. www.virtualtourist.com - "VOLOGDA" Vologda by bugulma - Vologda Travel Guide: 63 reviews and 166 photos. City of churches and wooden houses. We visited Vologda during the summer vacation in August 2010.
  7. russiatrek.org - Vologda city, Russia overview, history, streets sceneries - Vologda city wooden house.
  8. www.vologdabioexport.ru - Vologdabioexport - Russia's largest wood pellets manufacturer - Гранулы высокого качества (DIN 571 31, DINplus, SS 18 71 20, O-Norm M 7135, сертификат SGS). OOO Vologdabioexport (Vologda region, Russia) produces high quality wood pellets.
  9. windows.vologda.en.mnogonado.net - windows, Vologda, window sale, window manufacturing, window manufacturers, window installation, shop windows, in Vologda. MNOGONADO.net - Wooden windows.
  10. english.ruvr.ru - Radio: Programs: In the land of the carved wooden fences: Voice of Russia - Where, oh where, in Vologda? At the house with the carved wooden fence.
  11. www.cultinfo.ru - VOLOGDA - William C. Brumfield. PHOTOGRAPHIC DOCUMENTATION - Back. 12. A comprehensive and well-illustrated survey of Vologda's wooden houses is...
  12. www.richarddavies.co.uk - Wooden Churches - Introduction - The article drew attention to the condition of the wooden churches: "the state of the churches is...
  13. www.lonelyplanet.com - Things to do in Vologda - Lonely Planet - Amid portraits and old dolls are musical boxes and an old gramophone that still plays. A selection of beautiful photos showcase other examples of Vologda’s historic wooden architecture.
  14. russia.orexca.com - Vologda :: Cities of Russia - And there is the monument to Konstantin Batyushkov on the Cathedral hill visible from the museum windows.
  15. www.seekingarrangement.com - Sugar Daddy & Sugar Baby Dating in Vologda, Vologda - Some remarkable specimens of early wooden architecture were transported here from distant villages of the Vologda region.
  16. www.orientexpress.ru - Vologda - Vologda is also famous for the original craft of lace-making. We return to our train in the evening.
  17. www.360cities.net - Vologda Semenkovo Museum - The museum of wood architecture in the open includes dwelling and economic buildings /peasant's house... B: Vologda Semenkovo 2 Museum.
  18. encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com - Vologda definition of Vologda in the Free Online Encyclopedia. - Vologda also has wooden homes with carved porches, balconies, and cornices.
  19. www.uni-vologda.ac.ru - JOB compiler - S. Sverdlov c3c@uni-vologda.ac.ru July 1998.
  20. rbth.ru - Vologda: Cultural center of the Russian North | Russia Beyond The Headlines - Indeed, Vologda was known for the variety and extent of its wooden housing.

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