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  1. en.wikipedia.org - Hand - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - "Hands" of a Javanese tree shrew and a human.
  2. www.houzz.com - Houzz - Home Design, Decorating and Remodeling Ideas and Inspiration, Kitchen and Bathroom Design - Being born in the City of Madrid gave me an appreciation of the harmony and balance that good design brings - this is often so evident in both the buildings and the interiors of...
  3. www.doi.gov - U.S. Department of the Interior - Our Mission: Protecting America’s Great Outdoors and Powering Our Future. The U.S. Department of the Interior protects America’s natural resources and heritage, honors our cultures and tribal communities, and supplies the energy to power our future.
  4. www.towerofthehand.com - Tower of the Hand -
  5. www.homerwood.com - Homerwood Hardwood Flooring -
  6. www.interplay.com - Interplay - Talk to the developers and publishers responsible for some of the most beloved classic roleplaying and action games ever! Join the Interplay forums now and share your thoughts on our new lineup of games for 2012.
  7. boxoffice.mcny.org - Museum of the City of New York - Holiday Hands-On Activities. Wed 12/26/12 To Fri 12/28/12. Spend your school vacation at the Museum of the City of New York. Children can choose one of three activities, or participate in all of them.
  8. bible.cc - Genesis 3:22 And the LORD God said, "The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever." - Young's Literal Translation And Jehovah God saith, 'Lo, the man was as one of Us, as to the knowledge of good and evil; and now, lest he send forth his hand, and have taken also of the tree of life, and eaten, and lived to the age
  9. www.wowhead.com - Mark of the World Tree - Currency - World of Warcraft - As players progress through the new daily quests they are also given quests to turn in certain quantities of Mark of the World Tree in order to unlock the next series of daily quests. 31 Marks can be acquired daily, once everything is unlocked.
  10. www.nps.gov - History of the cherry trees - The plantings of cherry trees originated in 1912 as a gift of friendship to the People of the United States from the People of Japan.
  11. www.youtube.com - Sufjan Stevens - All the Trees of the Field will clap their Hands - YouTube -
  12. freshome.com - Tree Houses : The 8 Most Amazing Tree Houses Ever - All the materials used for the tree house are entirely recycled – and while the original O2 Sustainability Tree house is 13 feet wide, interiors and sizes can be customized according to customer specifications.
  13. www.dollartree.com - Dollar Tree, Inc.: Store Locator - Enter a city and state (ex: Birmingham, AL) or ZIP code to find the closest Dollar Tree store. You can click on a marker in the map at any time to get information about that store.
  14. www.shakinthetree.co.uk - Gift Ideas Home Decoration Artificial Flowers Newbury Berkshire, Shakin The Tree - Shakin the Tree Newbury brings you a wonderful range of home gift ideas, interior design accessories and inspirational objets d'art. Our range of SIA artificial flowers and Parlane products are most popular.
  15. evolution.genetics.washington.edu - The Newick tree format - The bottommost node in this tree is an interior node, not a tip. Interior nodes are represented by a pair of matched parentheses. Between them are representations of the nodes that are immediately descended from that node, separated by commas.
  16. www.myheritage.com - Free Family Tree, Genealogy and Family History - MyHeritage.com - A GEDCOM file is a standard method of exporting a family tree from an existing genealogy program. I accept the Service Terms and the Privacy...
  17. www.autographfoliages.com - Autograph Foliages -
  18. www.digsdigs.com - Interior Decorating, Home Design, Room Ideas - DigsDigs - The peculiar feature of the chalet is a traditional mountain retreat with a modern colorful interior with vintage touches and furniture from Africa, Asia and Europe.
  19. www.angelfire.com - Elven Names - Anenfel could mean …The Hand of Autumnís Lake,î …Lake of Autumnís Hand,î …Autumns Hand,î or just …Autumn Lake.î Donít worry about two names sharing the same meaning or having two definitions for one name.
  20. interiordec.about.com - Interior Decorating 101 - "There are always distractions when working from home, yet studies show that while some colours divert from tasks at hand, others can significantly increase a person's productivity, concentration and motivation," says...

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