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  1. www.ehow.com - What Are the Five Main Parts of a Tree Trunk Called? | eHow.com - The five parts of a tree trunk provide protection, transport of nutrients, and a place for growth in the woody interior. The trunk of a tree is the conduit through which water and nutrients absorbed by the roots pass up to the leaves to facilitate photosynthesis.
  2. www.ces.ncsu.edu - Tree Anatomy - Branches on the interior of a shade tree that do not receive adequate light will die and eventually fall.
  3. www.thefreedictionary.com - tree trunk - definition of tree trunk by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia. - pirogue - A canoe made from a tree trunk. tree ring - Any of the concentric rings of the cross-section of a tree trunk, representing a year's growth, or the layer of wood produced by a year's growth in a woody plant; also called annual ring.
  4. interiordec.about.com - Tips for Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree - Explore Interior Decorating. Must Reads. Decorating Do's and Don'ts.
  5. www.infovisual.info - Cross section of a tree trunk and stump - Sapwood: most recent annual rings of a tree. Cambium layer: growth area of a tree. Heartwood: wood surrounding the core of the trunk. Pith: central part of the trunk. Growth rings: marks indicating the yearly growth of the trunk.
  6. en.wikipedia.org - Tree - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - The resin that oozed out of trees sometimes trapped insects or spiders and these are still visible in the interior of the amber.[112].
  7. www.botany.uwc.ac.za - The anatomy of a tree trunk -
  8. www.virgiltreeart.com - Tree Trunk Art from Virgil Leih - The turning process reveals each tree’s unique history. I am privileged to be the first to see this rare beauty. Every sculpture I produce was once hidden inside a tree trunk, waiting to be revealed and enjoyed.
  9. www.mapletreeinteriors.com - Home Maple Tree Interiors - Maple Tree Interiors is your one stop resource for creating a new look for your home. We specialize in residential homes with interior designs that reflect our clients’ personality and lifestyle.
  10. limetreeinteriors.ca - portfolio - copyright 2011 lime tree interiors.
  11. www.beaversolutions.com - Beaver Solutions - Tree Protection - It’s hard to believe that beavers are able to chew right through the trunk of a tree, but they do. Beavers have very strong and sharp teeth which are paired with powerful jaw muscles. A single beaver can fell a medium sized tree in a single night!
  12. www.droog.com - Tree-trunk Bench | Droog Furniture | by Jurgen Bey - Bey’s work includes product, furniture, interior and public space design, and is produced by his studio, or by companies such as Droog, Royal Tichelaar Makkum, and Moooi.
  13. simple.wikipedia.org - Tree - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - The four main parts of a tree are the roots, the trunk, the branches, and the leaves. The roots of a tree are usually under the ground. One case for which this is not true are the roots of the mangrove tree.[1] A single tree has many roots.
  14. adventuretime.wikia.com - Tree Trunks (character) - The Adventure Time Wiki. Mathematical - Episode appearances Edit. She is first seen in the Adventure Time opening sequence, followed by her official introduction in "Slumber Party Panic," and then in "Evicted!" but had very minor appearances. She is later featured in the self-titled episode "Tree Trunks."
  15. www.yourdictionary.com - Trunk | Easy to understand definition of trunk by Your Dictionary - trunk definition: A trunk is the main base of a tree, person, animal or insect or the long protruding snout of an elephant. (noun) An example of a trunk is the part of a tree from which the branches extend.
  16. en.wiktionary.org - tree trunk - Wiktionary - the main structural member of a tree. Albanian: trung (sq) m. Catalan: tronc (ca) m.
  17. www.ncforestry.org - Parts of a Tree Descriptions - The sugar, which is the tree’s food, is either used or stored in the branches, trunk and roots.
  18. www.digsdigs.com - iPod And iPhone Docking Station Of A Tree Trunk | DigsDigs - Interior Design Ideas. Living with White.
  19. www.labt.be - Labt - Take for example the trunk of a tree. First there is the veneer lathe: it reveals the interior of the tree as a pattern on a wooden sheet. Like the pages of a book these sheets are stacked together to form a board of plywood.
  20. blog.makezine.com - MAKE | Play the Rings of a Tree Trunk Like a Record - i have to agree with critical – the attached video is NOT of a tree trunk being ‘played like a record’ because the mechanics of a record are the minute variations in the grooves cause DIRECT vibrations in the air (ie sound).

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